Long overdue vacation 2020

It´s been a minute since I´ve written a on this blog..

First of all, it´s been a couple of busy years behind me.. Not something I wanna share right away..
But last March my grandmonther past away.. I´ve moved after over 20 years in the same apartment..

Now.. It´s time for a long overdue vacation..
First it´s off to Spisska Nova Ves, Slovakia for the U18 Div 1 A 2020 icehockey tournament.
Then i´m flying over to the states.. Fort Lauderdale, Seattle, Honolulu, Las Vegas and Tampa is on the travel meny

Summary of my Vegas & New York trip 2014

02.01.14 – Departure Oslo
Finally i´ve arrived in Las Vegas after almost 24 hours of traveling. I left OSL – Gardermoen on time (11:14, local time Oslo), but with de-icing. My flight didn´t leave before noon (12:00 p.m.), the plane landed at Newark before time (2:00 p.m. local time, New York).

Had lots of time to relax at United Club, before my flight onwards to Houston, Texas (layover). The flight went on time again (4:27 p.m., local time New York) and landed in Houston before time (7:20 p.m., local time Houston).
Had the chance to check out the United Club at Houston Terminal E, before my last flight to Las Vegas. The flight left on time (9:20 p.m., local time, Houston) and landed at McCarran, Vegas before time (10:27 p.m., local time, Vegas).

It´s not directly warm here during the morning or at night, but during the day time it´s totally fine.

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Day of departure USA

It´s time to travel home from the United States. These days have gone quite fast, but the days in Vegas a little slower.

I´ll write a little longer review of my travel, when I get home to Norway.

View from my hotel room in Las Vegas – Hooters Casino
Hotel view

Hotel view